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–Senior citizens often complain about yellowing teeth and ask about ways to keep their teeth white. Dr. Douglas Ng, the family dentist in San Luis Obispo, wants seniors to know why their bright smile might be dimmer and how they can brighten it.

Whiter teeth for senior citizens

As we age, tooth enamel wears and exposes the next, dimmer layer, called dentin. Stains from food, coffee, wine, and smoking settle in more easily on thinning enamel. Staining can also be caused by medications. But, there are solutions for seniors to keep a bright white smile that can be done at home or by a dentist. These whitening treatments can last from one to three years, depending of course, on dental hygiene habits, food and beverage preferences and smoking.

The San Luis Obispo dentist, Dr. Ng, has a list of tips to help senior citizens keep teeth bright and white:

  • A good oral hygiene program
  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Regular dentist visits


A good oral hygiene program

Regardless of age, a good basic oral hygiene program is always the right thing to do. Regular brushing and flossing is still the best way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. As we age, more frequent brushing or rinsing, especially after lunch, a snack or a beverage can help remove residue that contributes to staining. Ask your dentist for a recommendation for a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.

Professional teeth whitening

There are professional teeth whitening procedures that include laser whitening, peroxide gel, veneers and bonding. Plus, there are some over the counter methods that can be temporarily effective.
Before rushing out and buying whitening strips, Dr. Ng, the family dentist in San Luis Obispo, recommends making an appointment. Some of the over the counter (OTC)products can cause damage if not used properly. After a thorough exam, your dentist may have better recommendations for a whitening procedure with better results and that lasts longer

Regular dentist visits

The best way to make sure teeth stay healthy and white is regular dental appointments. A bright white smile is an asset, but avoiding cavities and gum disease is also important. In fact, adverse conditions in the mouth can contribute to dull teeth. Regular cleaning can go a long way to keeping teeth white and healthy.

Call and schedule a consultation appointment to discuss all of the whitening methods that are available. Allow some extra time for an exam so you can get the best evaluation of your teeth and mouth. “From that appointment, “ said Dr. Ng, “you will have the best information to choose the best whitening procedure.”

Dr. Douglas Ng has been a family dentist since 2008, treating all ages for everything from exams to advanced procedures. Over the years Dr. Ng has dedicated his professional career to providing the most up to date care for his patients. Call the office today for an exam and evaluation for the best whitening procedure.

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